5 Ways You Can Challenge the Alcohol Lifestyle Narrative

5 Ways You Can Challenge the Alcohol Lifestyle Narrative

A few months ago I sat down to talk with Lindsey Whittaker, producer and host of the TDH Voice Podcast. Lindsay wrote this post, published via Anna David’s  Lighthustler on Medium. Based on our conversation, Lindsey shares some tangible ways individuals can tell better stories about alcohol — even if they are drinkers. (As I say every day: we’re not prohibitionists — it’s about the cultural messages we send around alcohol and creating safer spaces for choose to be alcohol free, for a variety of reasons.)

An excerpt:

“It seems as though we’ve put less and less emphasis on words in the past few years. We are a generation obsessed with the way things look. But we all know that not everything is as it seems. Images are powerful, but that doesn’t mean words don’t still hold weight.

‘Are you using words like deserve or this is going to help me get through? I would say, be careful about the context in which we share messages around alcohol. ‘

Take action: Think about your posts and how you tailor your responses to friends or how you comment on that trending article that has everyone so fired up today.

Read the full article titled 5 Ways You Can Challenge the Alcohol Lifestyle Narrative.

Thank you Lindsey! And readers, as always, please let me know how I can support you in telling better stories.

Erin Street