Moms and Alcohol : Megyn Kelly Today

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Not much daytime TV makes me pay attention, but Megyn Kelly succeeded today with two segments on moms and drinking. 

The two segments featured three women, Laura McKowen, Aiden Donnelley Rowley and Kelly Kitley (the first two women we know, but Kelley Kitley's work was new to us.) For 12 minutes and 16 second, viewers got a glimpse into some of the conversations that take place every day amongst sober moms. 

Among topics highlighted: the pressures that modern day moms and women face, the escalation of drinking after the birth of a child, the impact of social media, and anxiety and depression amongst moms. 

Familiar stories to use in the soberverse, but not necessarily topics we hear about a lot on morning television. We thought Laura, Aiden and Kelley covered a lot of ground during their time on air, and that it's the kind of story with the potential to impact a lot of viewers.

Some items that were particularly striking to us:

  • The concept that you don't have to have a rock bottom or identify as an alcoholic to examine your relationship to alcohol. (Nice nod to the concept of grey area drinking by Aiden and mention of her podcast with Jolene Park, Editing Our Lives and Our Drinking
  • Laura making the observation that women are held to impossible standards of how to look and act -- case in point, the Duchess of England styled and coiffed hours after giving birth. 
  • The fact that the segment ended with some guidance for women who may feel called to examine their relationship with alcohol. Pointing toward solution.

The best thing about the segments is that it showed millions of Americans that yes, women (and mothers) struggle with drinking and in record numbers. That there is life after alcohol, and it can be (even more) fulfilling and joyful. It gave three sober women a chance to share their stories about motherhood, alcohol, and finding a true path for them. 

It was an important moment in the continuation of the discussion of what's happening in the lives of so many of us, and we applaud Laura, Aiden and Kelly for their honesty in going deep, live and on air. 

Our only issue with the segment is one geared toward producers, and that is that we would have liked to have seen them include some more diversity among panelists. Specifically, we're interested in hearing from women of color, LGBT women, and women who represent diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Perhaps we can count on Megyn Kelly and the Today Show crew to explore this in future segments? Because women working in rural America, working two and three jobs and dealing with other systemic pressures are moms in sobriety too. 

Till then, a good step forward for Telling Better Stories.