Women and Alcohol: Week of April 30


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This week we published our first Q&A. It's only appropriate that it came from the pioneer in this space, Ann Dowsett Johnston. If you have not read, please take a moment to. It provides vital context to many issues surrounding women and alcohol today, as well as the very long history of women and drinking. 

I'd be remiss to mention that last week I attended SheRecovers Sacred Pause/ Atlanta. For those who don't know, She Recovers is is women-founded, women-led organization for women in recovery from anything, including substance issues, workaholism, codependency, trauma, disordered eating and more. 

The Atlanta event marked the start of a pilot program for She Recovers in Atlanta -- follow them for more information. They are doing incredible work in resourcing women all over the world with the tools to live healthy, empowered lives. Among the women whose stories were shared at the Atlanta event:

  • Chanda Santana (pictured above), a woman in recovery who told her story of saving her daughter from human trafficking (first photo), and her mission to help other women.
  • @Lauriedhue, a recovery advocate and long-time broadcast journalist who fought back against sexual harassment
  • The work of @weareshatterproof, an organization dedicated to ending the devastation of addiction on families.

Among the many topics discussed at the SheRecovers Atlanta event was the organization intentionally working to spotlight more and diverse voices of sobriety and recovery. We believe this is vital, and share this intention as we examine messaging involving alcohol in media and marketing. 

In The Headlines


60 Minutes: The silent addiction killing a generation of Australian women

"A 60 Minutes investigation has revealed nearly one in four Australian women aged between 35 and 59 drink excessively to dangerous levels – far out-drinking Australian men ...

Also speaking out on Australia’s hidden drinking problem was Talitha Cummins, a former Channel 7 journalist who very publicly shared her high-functioning alcohol addiction in 2016 – an addiction she now fights every of her life.

“I drank to relieve stress,” Cummins told Langdon.

“I was working in a career which was anxiety inducing… I came home drinking and found myself drinking multiple bottles of wine every night until that was just the norm for me.'"


Does PMS Cause Women To Drink or Does Alcohol Cause PMS? 

Researchers recently reported a link between PMS and drinking alcohol, but could not conclude whether premenstrual suffering causes women to hit the bottle, or the other way round.