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Q&A With Ann Dowsett Johnston: The Woman Who Lit A Spark In The Conversation About Women and Alcohol

“The mommy drinking culture is the number one issue I see. The rise in this mom culture is happening as we see the data around binge drinking and more alcohol-related ER visits skyrocket.”  Ann says she is frequently sent images and products playing off wine-related themes and humor. “Humor is subjective. But when you stack the numbers and stack the data we have now, it’s very clear what’s happening.”  It’s the normalization of risky drinking. Mother’s Day s coming up, and our national book chain is selling wine glasses emblazoned with the words “Mom Fuel.” This is not rare.

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Welcome To Tell Better Stories

Starting January 1 of this year, I began to gather examples of alcohol-as-lifestyle examples in media and marketing. I launched an Instagram account (@tellbetterstories2018), and have shared these images along with constructive criticism designed to encourage dialogue. Those images are now displayed on this site, under "Examples. It's important to gather and house these images, as many as possible, to show the volume and nature of what we're dealing with.

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