Makes Me Whole

It seems innocuous enough, right? It's just a hashtag on a photo of a glass of wine. However, did anyone in their marketing group, be it internal or agency/partners, consider the ramifications of using a tagline like this in associated with wine? Did they think about what the implications could be in creating ad that says a drug makes someone "whole"?

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Erin Street
It's Festival Season: Don't Pack Your Pedialyte

So here's the deal: people have been coming up with hangover "remedies" and "cures" since the beginning of time. We've received submissions for other "solutions" in the form of things you can drink before, during and after. These are our thoughts;

If you have to drink Pedialyte to counteract the effects of alcohol, maybe you need to rethink things. 

There is another way to live. 

One in which you can create a life in which you don't need to drink Pedialyte to function after a night out? One in which the party that you attend doesn't cause you to get so drunk that you have to drink this stuff. And the part is called your life. A life in which you are healthy and well.

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The Edit Podcast: Memes and Marketing

What I like about the Edit Podcast work is that it explores what they call "gray area drinking." Historically, all we've ever heard about are people who have a problem drinking with alcohol and those who don't. And while some of us have more risk factors than others for dependence and addiction, alcohol can have consequences for anyone who uses it. But that's another story. 

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Welcome To Tell Better Stories

Starting January 1 of this year, I began to gather examples of alcohol-as-lifestyle examples in media and marketing. I launched an Instagram account (@tellbetterstories2018), and have shared these images along with constructive criticism designed to encourage dialogue. Those images are now displayed on this site, under "Examples. It's important to gather and house these images, as many as possible, to show the volume and nature of what we're dealing with.

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