IBelieve Language and Images Around Alcohol In Media and Marketing Matters.

Tell Better Stories examines lifestyle media and marketing geared toward women, and the messages we constantly see in our feeds and in our lives: that alcohol is the norm, an essential part of "lifestyle." We're not prohibitionists, but rather question how we construct messaging in media (including social) and marketing. Since we're all creators now, how do we create thoughtfully? Our aim is to create conversation and help develop useable guidelines to help tell better stories about alcohol in lifestyle media.

We ask for people to share examples of the depiction of alcohol use in media and pop culture. This includes written pieces and images the depict the alcohol as lifestyle narrative. Looking for examples in media, social media, marketing, and in home decor/clothing/product. The list goes on. Please share your examples by tagging #TellBetterStories, or email them to

We believe that context matters. As our culture wrestles with substance use, addiction, and mental health, we can't avoid the elephant in the room -- the deeper stories that lurk underneath messages about alcohol.  

Everyone is welcome to the table here. However, the content is curated, written and shaped by a sober woman, Erin Shaw Street (@erinshawstreet). I will always advocate for women who are re-examining their relationship with alcohol, who are struggling, who are sober and working to stay sober, whether they have 24 hours or 24 days or 24 months or 24 years. I will always be for people who are looking for another way. That was me once, not too long ago, and I found a way out and through because other people encouraged me. 

However, you don't have to be sober to engage in this work. 



•The booze police, believing every person has agency to decide to drink or not

•Advocating a specific form of recovery (other than one that recognizes there are many paths)

•Based in fear or shame.


•An effort start crucial conversations and resource folks with language  

•Kind always; critical when necessary

•Hopeful about media in 2018. Specifically, the media can be a force for positive change.


•Grounded in fact and informed by editorial integrity

•Advocates for sober, sober curious,  and all impacted by addiction

•Inclusive and intersectional


Community Guidelines:

First, all are welcome, but I will always be for people who are examining their relationship to alcohol, the sober-curious, the ones trying to get and stay sober, and the ones living in long term sobriety and recovery.


•Thoughtful discussion about cultural narratives around alcohol, included but not limited to depictions in lifestyle media, marketing and pop culture

•Comments on how cultural narratives around alcohol impacted your attitudes toward drinking

•Encouragement for people who are reconsidering their alcohol consumption, the sober-curious, the ones trying to get and stay sober, and the ones living in long term sobriety and recovery.

Not allowed:

•Hateful or discriminatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or political beliefs

•“Trolling”, or posting deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack comment threads or throw discussions off-track

•Debate over how someone should or shouldn’t get sober. We believe there are many paths to recovery and will remove comments that debate the merits of various recovery modalities.

•Commercial Solicitations


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