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What is tell Better Stories?

It's a movement encouraging people to re-consider the stories we tell about alcohol, particularly in lifestyle media. We believe that beneath the "Mommy needs wine" and "Rosé All Day" memes, shirts, headlines, important conversations are beckoning. We're here to give context and language to help people have smarter and more thoughtful conversations around alcohol and alcohol messaging. Founded by a sober woman, we are advocates for people who are examining an alcohol-free lifestyle, sober people, those in recovery, and their families. But you don't have to be sober to engage in the work -- all are welcome. We are for the:


You don't have to have an addiction to reconsider your relationship to alcohol. We are here for people who are examining their relationship to alcohol, whatever the reason. 

Sober/In Recovery

It can be isolating to exist in a culture that glorifies alcohol. We support people who identify as being sober, in recovery, or alcohol free, and explore issues that we face each day.  

Drinker/ Ally

From planning a sober-friendly party to being an ally for a sober friend, we're here for people who want to learn more about being empathetic, inclusive, and thoughtful. 

Content Creators

Content creators are under enormous pressure to produce. We provide suggestions for creators, including writers, editors, social media managers and brand marketers.  


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"I've never struggled with alcohol or drug issues, but you've given me so much to consider. It never really occurred to me how the messages sent by actual health care brands is conflicting. Thank you for starting hard discussions but also really trying to remain shame free for people." -Lynn

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"As a wife of a recovering addict/alcoholic and a mother of two, I truly appreciate your page and the awareness you're bringing." - Courtney

"I appreciate your account. It makes me feel strong and empowered to see I'm not the only person recognizing the bad messages that are sent about alcohol, mainly to women." -J. 

"Yes! So grateful for Tell Better Stories: Challenging The Alcohol As Lifestyle Narrative ! You’ve been immensely helpful to me in my journey of sobriety... 10 1/2 months today!" - Laura


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